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How do I get listed?
Just click Add a FREE listing, fill in the form, thats it.

How do I change my listing?
Do a search on your company name and find your listing. > Click on Improve, edit or extend listing for customer #> Edit your company's information.

I forgot my password
Go to your listing, Click on Improve, edit or extend listing for customer # and click Look up my password and we will reset your password to the default of 'password'.

Does this site use cookies?
2Falls Business Directory does not use cookies.

What is a stealth email?
To prevent spam, email addresses are not published online. When a visitor tries to reach you by email the system uses a unique number to identify you. All the visitor can see, if they view source, is your unique number. When the visitor sends a message the system looks up your email address in the database with the unique number and sends mail in the background. The visitor never knows and can not know what your real email address is. It is never shown.